crime vs torts scaled
crime vs torts

Crime: Crime is an unlawful act done by a person and it is punishable by the law for the public welfare. Crime can also defined as an unlawful act done with guilty mind. Read More…

Tort: Tort is a violation of an individual rights.

Difference Between Crime and Tort : Crime vs Tort

1A crime is a unlawful act which affect the social order of the society.A Tort is an unlawful violation of an individual rights or his property.
2An unlawful act done by doer is punishable by law.An unlawful act done by doer has to compensate to the complainant or aggrieved party.
3Except in certain cases, compromise is not possible.Compromise is always possible.
4The case is filed by the state.The suit or plaintiff is filed by victim.
5The trial of crime happens in Criminal Court.The trial of tort happens in civil court.
6In criminal case, burden of proof lies on the state.The burden of proof lies on the complainant.
7Offender called accused before guilty proved and convict after guilty proved.Person who commits tort called tort feasor or wrong doer.
8All crimes are defined and criminal law is codified and punishments are prescribed .Law of Tort is not a codified law.
9Punishment of the crimes may be fine, or imprisonment, or both. The nature of the punishment is heavy.Compensate or Commission may be nominal, ordinary or exemplary according to the magnitude of the tort.
10The fine collected by convict is not given to the victim but credited in the state account.The payment made by wrong doer as compensation goes to the complainant or victim.

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