Family Law – I Hindu Law
Family Law – I Hindu Law


1. Concept of Dharma

2. Detailed Note on Varna Dharma

3. Detailed Note on Ashrama Dharma

4. Who is Hindu and Governed by Hindu Law

5. Converts and Reconverts to Hinduism

6. Sources of Hindu Law

a) Ancient Sources

i) Shruti (Vedas)

ii) Smritis (Narada & Manu Smriti)

iii) Customs and Proof of Custom

iv) Commentaries and Digests

b) Modern Sources

i) Judicial Decisions (Precedents)

ii) Legislatures / Statutes (Codification of Hindu Law)

iii) Justice, equity and good conscience

7. Schools of Hindu Law

a) Mitakshara School

b) Dayabhaga School



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